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LIFE & BODY is a team of healthcare professionals and personal trainers. Our mission is to transform health-conscious clients through proven regimented fitness programs and knowledge for enhanced well-being and quality living. We focus on reducing risk factors that may lead to obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and sleep apnea.

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    LIFE & BODY programs consist of health awareness, weight management, strength building and conditioning, rehabilitation, and recovery. As a result, our clients are empowered to take a proactive approach towards personalized training and incorporate evidence-based techniques to lower risk factors that may cause infirmity, disease, or impairment. This is accomplished in an effective holistic manner by way of one-on-one supervised exercise, nutritional counselling, lifestyle education, and behaviour modification.

    LIFE & BODY is committed to a client-focused culture and expert fitness consultation to promote results in personal health and wellness. Become inspired and experience a LIFE & BODY transformation challenge!

    Connect via info@lifeandbody.ca or (519) 250-5433

    2121 Laurier Drive
    Lasalle, ON
    N9J 0B4

    Tel: 519-250-5433
    Email: info@lifeandbody.ca